Open Width Compactor(Dryer, Stenter and Compactor 3in1)

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The Open Width Compactor machine is used for open width cotton fabric pre-shrinking process. It's 3in1 machine with competitive advantage, which combined stenter, dryer and compactor together.
At the beginning of overfeed, the cotton fiber will be processed by steaming to increase the humidity and plasticity. Then the fabric will be widened and pre-shrinked in order to reduce shrinkage and get a good soft feature.
Some fabric could be used directly after drying machine processing, and you can get a stable size, qualified shrinkage and soft effect. If the fabric couldn't reach the standard, you can repeat the processing step and obtain perfect appearence.
Based on different fabric width, we can provide the following machine models:
FSLS-2200mm/2400mm (standard)/2600 mm

Based on different heat sources, our machine adopt 3 heat methods: Steam, Electricity + Oil, Circulation Conducting Oil.
Our Open Width Compactor machine is mainly used for cotton and other natural fibers,
***The machine can NOT be used for synthetic fabrics.
​                   Basic Information & Technical Data
Model FSLS2400
Name Compactor
Application Textile-finishing(shrinkage rate:4-5%)
Suitable Fabric Open-witdh knitted Fabric,Pure cotton,wool,blended fabric(cotton content>65%)
Felt Max. Width 2400mm
Tentering Max. Width 2600mm
Working Speed 3-35m/min
Rail Type Stainless Steel+ Graphite
Dimension Approx. (14540*4100*3000mm)L*W*H
Weight Approx. 12t
Compressed Air 0.35-0.6MPa
Tentering Working Type Horizontal Circulating Chain(Stainless Steel Pin Plate & Holder,Pitch:60mm)
Compacting Type Felt Belt(Nomex)+ Hot Cylinder, Felt Belt Thickness:20-21mm
Cost & Consumption
heat source of Hot cylinder
No Item Cylinder Max.Temp Specification Consumption
1 Electricity heat conduction Oil 190ºC Industrial Electricity 25-54KW
Saturated Steam for Steam Box
No Item Max.Temp Specification Consumption
1 Saturated Steam 140ºC 3-6Kg/cm² 100-150kg/h
No Item Specification Consumption
1 Driving System   Main Motor etc 21KW
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